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Teachers love fonts! Especially the cute fonts. Many teachers have web sites and want to use their favorite fonts that they have on a highly guarded disk that always needs to be installed as soon as possible when the district upgrades their classroom computer to a freshly wiped machine. Oftentimes, when the hopeful teacher is designing their web site, they don’t always think about the end user experience, and choose their favorite cute font for their site’s font-face. What that teacher doesn’t realize is that in order for the font to be seen as it is seen on their classroom computer, the cute fonts need to be installed on the end user’s machine. So, long story… short… the cute font defaults to Times Roman and the teacher is baffled and frustrated that their web site doesn’t look the way they hoped!

Well there is hope for those who desire cute fonts! And yes these fonts can be viewed by pretty much every visitor! The answer to our baffling font dilemma is Google Fonts. There are literally hundreds of free fonts to choose from, even some cute ones.

Just 3 quick steps between you and a good lookin’ website

  1. Choose: Search or browse hundreds of font families, then add the ones you like to your Collection.
  2. Review: Compare and refine your Collection, even see the styles in a dynamic sample layout.
  3. Use: Grab the code we prepare and you’re ready to add the Collection to your website!

It really is pretty simple. You will need a little confidence adding some code to your web page. After choosing a font, Google has easy to follow directions exlplaining the peice of code you need to add to the section of your page. Then, adding a piece of code to your style sheet (style.css) to format your web page content. Copying and pasting two lines of code is piece of cake!

Browse the fonts and oogle at the huge selection of web friendly fonts to choose from! For some of those cute font needs, check out the following fonts:

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