Just Coggle.it!

Check out this really cool mind mapping, story mapping, life organizing tool. Coggle.it is super easy, fun, and a truly beautiful way to “find your flow” by mapping out what is important to you, planning what to do next, or to just making something make more sense. Once your thoughts are finalized, saving your Coggle online is easy, or you can download a .png or .pdf file to review later.

I have tried this tool on my iPhone, iPad, and my computer, and the user interface is amazing. A simple click can create or delete a node, or adjust color. A click and drag can move your item anywhere in the map always keeping it connected to your previous thought. The options are there, but not inundating the screen. Coggle really is simple and intuitive.

This intuition makes Coggle.it a great tool in the classroom! Students can use this to map a story or make their notes make the most sense. Students could analyze decision making by weighing options based on various Coggle nodes. Students won’t be distracted, like when using other web apps, because Coggle doesn’t abuse screen real estate with menus or toolboxes that always entice a curious (time wasting) click, what you see is pretty much what you get. This feature alone will save students time because they will focus on the task, instead of trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.

“We don’t believe in boundaries, we don’t believe in limits or edges. Your ideas are limitless, and so is our canvas. We don’t believe in lists, or in cells or tables. We believe that technology should work the way you think.”

Some ways I plan on using this tool in the classroom include:

  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Classroom Decision Making
  • Breaking Down Science Vocabulary/Concepts
  • Further Explaining Social Studies Events
  • Planning Summer Vacation Options

Coggle.it Introduction Tutorial

How will you use Coggle.it? Let us know! Check out Coggle.it! You won’t be disappointed, but you will find your thinking, rethought.

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