Ultimate Field Trip Organizer

I created this tool to help keep everything organized when planning and carrying out a classroom field trip. I always felt like I was spending too much time organizing checklists, parent chaperone checklists, and reminder messages. This tool combines everything I find useful when taking students on a field trip.

Here are some of the options:

  • Import student names or quickly add names by typing.
  • Quickly add students to specific groups assigned to chaperones (using dropdown menus).
  • Print off permission slip and payment checklists.
  • Print off day before trip student general and personalized reminders.
  • Print off day of field trip master group lists.
  • Print off day of field trip bus transportation checklists for teachers and chaperones.
  • Print off day of field trip chaperone tips and tricks student rosters.

I hope this saves you some time when planning your next field trip.

I have included some sample data in the downloadable tool, before you enter your class, you will have to delete the sample data (which should be easy).


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