Robot Randomizer

Here is an Excel worksheet that can be used to lessen the guilt a teacher calling student names may feel. This worksheet is a tool I use when selecting students for extra opportunities like who gets to use the classroom computer during rainy day recess. I would pull a Popsicle stick and read a student name and the students still would give me looks like I had control of pulling a certain name. This tool is a talking Robot Randomizer. Let the computer take the blame if a student feels irritated that his or her name wasn’t chosen.

The Robot Randomizer allows a teacher to:

  • Randomizes a student list, including first and last names, added by the teacher.
  • A teacher clicks a button and one of the names is randomly read out loud.
  • Additional students can be randomly chosen quickly.
  • Teachers can pass any guilt to the computer, an inanimate object with no feelings!


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