Most Likely to Succeed

Thanks to friends at, I recently had the opportunity to screen, “Most Likely to Succeed,” a documentary about the current education system. The movie may be available for future screenings, so be sure to keep this title in mind.

Here is the trailer.


IMDB Summary:

The current educational system in the United States was developed a century ago during the rise of the industrial age and was once the envy of the world. However, the world economy has since transformed profoundly, but the US education system has not. Schools are attempting to teach and test skills, when mastered, that still leave graduates woefully unprepared for the 21st Century. After presenting this problem, the documentary focuses on the story of a school in San Diego that is completely rethinking what the experience of going to school looks like. As we follow students, parents and teachers through a truly unorthodox school experience, the audience is forced to consider what sort of educational environment is most likely to succeed in the 21st century?


For more info, here is the documentary’s url:

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