The IF App is your assistant!

IFTTT has been around for awhile, but I recently started using it. IFTTT uses “Do” and “If” recipes to make your Smartphone crazy smart.

IFTTT is short for “If This, Then That.” If you played around with‘s Hour of Code, this sequence of words probably rings a bell. Some simple logic triggers apps to interact.

So here is a brief explanation of how the If App works.

There are several channels you can connect to that allow the app to use different features and Apps on your SmartPhone. After connecting to these channels you can then create recipes allowing them to interact with one another. These interactions are called Triggers and Actions. The actions are the ingredients and combinations create recipes. To learn more check out the About page at

After you add some ingredients and build a recipe, then your smartphone begins to do the work.

There is a list of “Recipes for Educators” to get your started, here.

Some examples:

The best part of this App is the connection it has with many other Apps. You will find as you are exploring recipes, you will be introduced to so many more Apps. It really is a great way to automate some of those tasks that teachers don’t have time to do. Time is so valuable to educators, so check out this App!

If you check out this App, Then you will find ways to save time!

Download the App for iPhone and Android.

So far there are 330 channels to explore. These channels connect to many devices other than your Smartphone. Explore the channels and devices…

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