Build Your Own App!

Have you ever wanted to build an app to use on your smartphone? Have you ever wanted to update a Google Sheet from your iPhone? Well now you can, and it is super easy using the tools provided by!

I threw together a student portfolio app from scratch that allows students to take pictures of an assignment and record notes about the task.

Here is how I did it.

  • I set up an account at
  • I created a GoogleSheet in my GoogleDrive with the various field headings that I wanted as input fields on my app.
  • I then Started a New App and used the “Start with my own data” template, and let AppSheet do all the work.

From here you can organize data directly on your Sheet (add fields, rename fields, etc.). You can design the user interface. You can create views of your data. You can manipulate the input forms. Then ultimately launch your app.

When you launch you will get a link provided in an email that allows you to install the AppSheet app which allows you to open your app on your smartphone! Then you access your app on your phone that populates your Google Sheet for later reference.

You also do not need to start from scratch. They offer several sample apps that let you see all the “under the hood” data as well as the user interface.

Support documentation is available to help get you started.

Here is a quick how-to video linked the the AppSheet YouTube channel.

Here is a more detailed webinar about getting started.

Developing tips that I looked up via the support page:

How I plan on using this tool:

  • Build apps that collect student data in a Google Sheet.
  • Build apps that allow students to collect data.
  • Have students use AppSheet to allow them to experience an app build.

I used Google to collect data, but AppSheet interacts with many other cloud providers. If you don’t have access to Google Sheets, you can use Dropbox, Smartsheet, OneDrive, Office365, Box, and SQL Servers.

Happy coding and app building!

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