The Post-it® Plus App

Want a quick way to create a digital seating chart? Want to quickly group formative assessment answers? Want to gather individual student responses? Want to save wall space? Do you love using a Post-it®?

The Post-it® Plus App has been out for a while. We all know how much teachers and meeting planners love using Post-its to organize group discussion input, questions, and easily move the little square pieces to various charts for quick grouping. The downside is once they are grouped and moved from the meeting place they have to be transferred somehow because the storing of a large poster with several Post-it® squares isn’t the most convenient.

With the Post-it® Plus App, quickly digitizing the Post-it® collaboration is easy. Once the info is in the App you can rearrange and regroup the Post-it® squares. You can even use different colored Post-its.

How can teachers use this app?
  • Allow students to give individual input.
  • Use Post-its for formative assessment, then group student answers.
  • Write each student’s name on a Post-it® and create a seating chart.
  • Allow staff to give input during team meeting share-outs.
  • Save wall space by digitizing posters.
  • Use Post-its to organize flexible groups.
  • Share data easily in various formats.
How can administrators use this app?
  • Allow staff to give individual input.
  • Digitize Post-it® covered posters and don’t worry about losing a single Post-it®.
  • Categorize content quickly.
  • Allow staff to give input during meeting share-outs.
  • Group students when planning classes.
  • Easily share information in various formats or add it to a digital storage area.

Here is more about the Post-it® Plus App:

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