Office Lens & Immersive Reader

Text to Speech, no problem. Copy machine broken, who cares!

If you are using Office 365 make sure you are using Office Lens (Android, iOS, Windows).

Running to the copy machine might be a thing of the past. With Office Lens you can quickly scan documents, images, whiteboard content and send it to OneNote, OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, or other locations.

Have you ever wanted to use a document that you previously printed out but can’t find the electronic version? With Office Lens you can scan a document to Word and edit the text.

An awesome upgrade allows you to use Office Lens to scan a document and send it to Immersive Reader. This allows the text to be read aloud! Immersive Reader is becoming more widely integrated throughout Microsoft Office apps. It offers accessibility that is easy to implement. Converting text to speech is easy. Scan book pages, magazine articles, documents, presentations and have it read aloud ready very quickly and easily.

Download it today. See where else you can find the ability to scan documents within Microsoft products. OneDrive offers this feature and the Office Lens app will probably disappear as it becomes a standard feature in Office 365 application.

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