Use Google Forms to Communicate

Communicate with Forms

Not all school districts provide students with emails, making communication a challenge. Use this Google Form setup to provide an easy and safe way to communicate.

Create a form and customize.

Add your content fields.

Keeping it simple is best. Add the following:

  • Required short answer text option labeled Name.
  • Required long answer text option labeled Question/Comment.
  • Optional short answer text option labeled Email. This will allow you to respond to parents.
  • Required multiple choice option labeled Response Requested. I like using the branching option and add a section to navigate to if this option is selected.

Adjust your Form Settings.

General settings should look like this.

Presentation settings should look like this.

Quizzes settings should remain unchanged.

Get your Form’s link.

After clicking the send button, click the link option. Copy the link and post it as a Material in your Google Classroom.

You can respond to students in the Stream of your Google Classroom.

What’s next?

Using the form allows communication to happen without having email. To get email notifications, go to your forms Responses tab and click the three dots (settings). Toggle on Get email notifications for new responses.

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