Wakelet. Ride the Wave.

If you haven’t heard of Wakelet, it is not too late! Wakelet makes collecting and sharing online resources easy and beautiful. Create a Wakelet account and start building collections, today.

Why should you use Wakelet?

Wakelet makes it easy to bookmark resources. Not only can you collect links, you can also upload resources or add a @Flipgrid video. Wakelet also integrates into many other apps including learning management systems. Embedding Wakelet collections allows you to organize the collection via Wakelet instead of having to continually login to your website and add links using HTML or whatever options your website provider allows.

Check out this Wakelet professional development collection.

Below is an embedded Wakelet collection. This includes resources to get you up and running using Wakelet. What I love about embedding a collection, is I can easily add, update, or remove items from the Wakelet App (iOS and Android) on my phone or when I am logged in on my computer. The Wakelet browser extension makes it quick and easy to update, then once saved, dynamically updates on any site with the include embed code.

Wakelet is committed to improved success.

The Wakelet Team listens to educators and the voice of their Wakelet Community members. Continual improvements and integrations make this tool too powerful to pass up. With Immersive Reader built in, collections can be read aloud and even translated. Continued updates offer continued improvements.

Use cases.

Student resource collections.
Avoid students citing fake news by building a safe resource bank of sites for research.

You can create newsletters that can be shared with parents or students. The content can be translated into many different languages. You can include uploaded PDFs and images. You can link to YouTube videos and upload your own videos using Flipgrid’s intuitive camera tool.

Create a shared PLN resource collection.
Embed a collection into a OneNote notebook and invite your team members as contributors. Now every team member can easily contribute any time of the day.

Translation Built In.
With Wakelet working with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader (pretty much from day one), translating collection text into an incredible amount of languages is available with a push of a button. If you haven’t worked with Immersive Reader, get on it! It is amazing! Not only does it translate, it also will read aloud text and assist with other text features that help students focus and succeed.

What are you waiting for? Join the #WakeletWave!

Here is a quick video to get you started with your first collection from the Wakelet YouTube Channel.

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